The role of volunteering in facilitating the entry of youth into labour markets

Hello, my name is Peter Babatunde. I am a Nigerian youth champion for youth volunteerism. I am initiating a discussion in follow up to the conversation regarding the difficulties of the school-to-work transition for young people. I believe that volunteering offers opportunities for young people to navigate school-to-work transitions. I and many other young people have committed to volunteering, not only as a way to gain access to work but also as a way to contribute to the good of our society. I'd like to invite you to offer your opinions, knowledge, and experiences regarding:

  • The significance of volunteering for employability and access to employment opportunities for young people
  • Your experience in implementing or participating in volunteering activities and projects to empower youth
  • Practical tools and guidance for stakeholders who design and implement volunteering activities

Knowledge insight: 

An ILO/UNV working paper finds that in some contexts and for some young people, volunteering can provide useful support to young people to find decent work. The evidence reviewed in the paper suggests that participation in voluntary work is associated with positive labour market outcomes, particularly in high-income countries. It also suggests that involvement in volunteer work has been more useful for youth NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) or young people who are actively searching. The paper provides policymakers with a better understanding of the mechanisms through which volunteer work can play a positive role in enhancing young people’s transition from education to employment.’’ Access the paper here

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