The webinar was a great start for the discussion on the role of employment services for building young people’s future but as there was limited time, we would like to continue the dialogue here on the community forum. Please join us to share your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. What are the best practices for guiding refugees towards certain occupations as may generate inequity in host communities if refugees end up working in unattractive ones?
  2. Do you find that employment services are well adapted to help young people overcome the challenges they face in the labour market? Would like to share some examples of what has worked best to help young people succeed?
  3. More and more Young people have been working in the platform economy/ online platform jobs and this should continue post-COVID. What are the employment services adapted for this? And any specific protection measures or policy in place?

See the webinar recording and the event page

Question to Speakers:

  • Michael: do you have experience with a successful Career Guidance model to support the transition from elementary to high school, which may be applicable to the reality of Mozambique?
  • Gayathri: may we know more about your LMI system? Would appreciate a link to the site if possible. Thank you
  • Francois, is the PES in most countries equipped to provide career guidance to employed people as well as jobseekers? Should it be?
  • Francois/Michael: We currently have little to no career guidance services in Nigeria. How can we partner with ILO to make these services available?

Look forward to your contributions!