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Policies and Programmes
Policies and Programmes
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🌱 What are green jobs? And how can they be a solution to unemployment and climate change in Africa? ❗ Find the answers and learn more from the research done by @INCLUDEplatform and @PalladiumImpact Read the article here ☞ Wha... (More)
REVISITING COP 27 Famously dubbed as the 'African COP', the 27th Convention of Parties that held in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh from November 6 to 20, 2022, has been hailed as momentous for its breakthrough achievement - establishment of the... (More)
Walaa Abdelmagid
Peace builder / Activist / PR officer / Dentist
That thought is still haunting me day after day, with no persuasive answers. Is it conceivable that I began to adapt to the fact that I do not belong in that faraway land? Or am I truly starting to grasp... (More)
The latest YouthCan! Facts and Figures report is here! 1 in 5 young people today are #NEET. For those growing up without adequate parental care, finding jobs and building self-confidence is often an uphill battle. In 2022, our global partnership... (More)