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Green Jobs
Green Jobs
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🌱 Did you hear about the Green Jobs for Youth Pact? This ambitious new partnership between the International Labour Organization, UNICEF & UNEP aims to tackle the youth employment and green job deficit around the world! 🌐 The Pact w... (More)

What does Green Jobs and Green Entrepreneurship mean?

One of the questions which emerged in the previous discussion was, what really Green Jobs and Green Entrepreneurship mean in practice? Though @Innocent Chamisa gave us a UNEP definition of Green Jobs and Green Entrepreneurship, it still remains unclear to... (More)

Voted for Where can you gain information for existing green job opportunities

Put Life Saving Clean Water Within Reach

Maya Joshi is only six years old. Every day he has no choice but to collect water far away from his home in South asia Darchula Nepal.Water that could make him very sick.... (More)