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Digital Skills
Digital Skills



The digital economy is rapidly transforming the employment landscape across industries, including financial services, health, entertainment, transportation and of course, information and communication technologies (ICT). Millions of jobs requiring advanced digital skills will be created in the coming decade, but many countries are projecting a shortfall of skilled workers to fill these jobs. While young people are often considered “digital natives”, the reality is that the majority do not possess job-relevant digital skills. In particular, jobs requiring coding and other advanced ICT skills are going unfilled.

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The Botswana Scouts Association did a country wide tour to implement Digital livelihoods educational programme, the initiative was supported by Generation Unlimited through UNICEF Botswana. Approximately 500 young people participated in the Yoma challenges.
Hello everyone! I would like to share my short bio so that some of you may get to know me better, and track the areas of engagement easily. Who is Anastase Ndagijimana? Anastase Ndagijimana is a patriot, youth activist, and... (More)