Hello everyone!
I would like to share my short bio so that some of you may get to know me better, and track the areas of engagement easily.

Who is Anastase Ndagijimana?

Anastase Ndagijimana is a patriot, youth activist, and community mobilizer with a diverse work history and years of youth leadership experience. He has a deep passion for youth, women/girls empowerment, and community development by putting environment protection first, and has participated in environment protection activities including plant for planet projects, through YALI RLC EA programs and other youth community outreach to conserve the environment.

Anastase has a Bachelor of Education in Inclusive and Special Needs Education, from the University of Rwanda, which makes him an expert in helping people with special needs and he is currently working with a Rwandan non-government organization, Haguruka, which promotes and defends the rights of women and children. He works as the Project Coordinator of a project called “Implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in faith-based schools in Rwanda.” This project focuses on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, and the use of please-inclusive approaches in reducing risk behaviour to teen pregnancy and STIs.

Anastase is the founder and Executive Director of We Got Your Back and chairperson for Young African Leaders Initiative, Regional Leadership Center, and East Africa – Rwanda chapter. Anastase is Pan-Africanist, an African change-maker, and he has been selected in the top 20 young Africans leading the change for Gender Justice and Social Innovation, in 2019 for social and environmental protection. He is Bosch Alumni Network Member, former Country Coordinator for Educate Her, and former SADA Youth country president. Anastase has been one of 11 young Rwandans leading Covid19 responses in the program of DOT Rwanda known as Street Team Cohort2 during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anastase is known for his youth empowerment activism, being extremely organized, and being able to plan detailed schedules for multiple people to timely complete activities. He has excelled in problem-solving, negotiating with people, critical thinking, timely communicating, and has strong teamwork skills. He is driven by his commitment to leadership, social development, environment protection, and youth empowerment and employability, and one day he hopes to witness a developed African continent, and more young people leading the changes.