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General Group
General Group
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This groups is for general announcements within the community forum on key updates and news.

All Members
Phyllis Mavushe
Deo Imalingat
Youth Leader for capacity building
Globe Up Africa
Globe Up Africa
Mirjam Taapopi
Felix Angaira
Global Youth Champion
Phathuxolo Ndzimande
Youth development practitioner
Samiha Aboobacker
Communications Specialist, Generation Unlimited
Brokerage Calculator
Brokerage Calculator
Avni Saha
Ciero Jewels - Buy Indian Imitation Jewellery
Giulia Melina
International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO)
John T Sarboah Jr
Student Doctor| Obama Leader| HealthCare Advocate| Activist| Public Speaker| Afro-Optimist
Florencia Spangaro
Citi Foundation
Jennifer Brooks
Director of Global Partnerships, Microsoft Philanthropies
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