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This groups is for general announcements within the community forum on key updates and news.

Khalid liked 2 months ago
Welcome to the YouthForesight community! We’re excited that you have joined us. 😊 This community is all about sharing the best and latest knowledge & engagement opportunities on young people’s education and skilling, employment, entrepreneurship, and engagement, as well a... (More)
YouthForesight liked 3 months ago
Calling All Youth: USAID Youth Excel Photo Contest 2022 USAID’s Youth Excel program is launching a 6-week global photo competition to encourage young people from Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Middle East and... (More)
Satoshi commented 2 days ago
Satoshi Koike
Communication and partnership at the ILO
⏰Call for participation by 9th October! Are you interested in becoming a member of the Youth Advisor Group on Digital Jobs? This is a unique platform that will bring together young leaders, #youth-led organisations, and technical experts from across Côte... (More)
Damilola commented a month ago
Satoshi Koike
Communication and partnership at the ILO
The Nestlé Youth Entrepreneurship Platform goes live! Nestlé has launched the Youth Entrepreneurship Platform (YEP) - an easy-to-access entry point for internal and external audiences into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation at Nestlé. Young innovators will access a new... (More)