Welcome to the YouthForesight community forum. We know what it is like being a new member to a completely new platform! You are not alone. We are here to help you get your amazing ideas seen by others who share your purpose. Your ideas will be heard by many young changemakers, government stakeholders, and civil society. 

Here is a guide on how to get started and navigate the community forum platform. 

💫 What can I get from the Forum? 

Connect with like-minded individuals, get up-to-date insights, share experiences, and get technical insights support on our thematic topics such as Digital skills, green jobs, youth in situations of forced displacement, and adolescent girls and young women. 

🤔 What is in the Forum?

  • Home page - See all the updated activities in the Forum 

  • Member Directory - All member profiles 

  • Topics - List of ‘Spaces’ through which you enter relevant thematic discussions

  • Notification - Notification from the spaces you join, and discussions you participate in 

  • Settings - Access your profile and account settings 

✏️ How can I edit my profile and get noticed?

The more detailed your profile is, the easier it is for like-minded people to connect with you. With a full profile, you can seek meaningful connections, partnerships, or a latest exclusive opportunity. Here is how you can optimise your profile: 

  • Click  “View Profile” on the top right corner

  • Edit your profile information 

3️⃣ Easy Steps to Get Started 

  1. Join thematic ‘Spaces’ that interest you

    1. On the left side of the forum, you will see a list of topics or ‘Spaces’ through which you can enter relevant discussions. 

    2. You can read the FAQ section to learn more about a particular ‘Space’ 

    3. The “Join” button is on the top right side, below the banner.

  2. Start sharing your thoughts: 

    1. Share: ‘Add Discussion’ to start a conversation 

    2. Interact: Click ‘Like’, type your response to your peers’ posts, or ‘Share’ their post to other social media platforms of your choice. 

    3. Customise: On the central column, you could navigate discussions and posts, with the possibility to filter by criteria and search by keywords through the search box on the top.

  3. Select how you want to receive information in the Forum: 

    a. Customise your feed: On the right column under the Tags section, you can customise your feed in the ‘Home’ page by selecting the topics that you are interested in.

    b. Never miss out on trending discussions: Click on the notification icon to receive updates in the Discussion space of your choice. You will receive notifications inside the Forum as well as via email. You can choose to adjust how you would like to receive updates in the Settings.  

🤝 Eager to make meaningful connections?

The forum has over 900 members from the government sector, nonprofits, grassroots organisations, United Nations staff, young activists and entrepreneurs, as well as the business sector. Browse our Member Directory and reach out! 

💼 Looking for exclusive work opportunities? 

Our members regularly post internship and job opportunities on the ‘Opportunities for youth’ space in the Forum. Check it out, get notified, and get connected. 

🌍 Community rules and guidelines

Be kind and courteous.

  • Let's put the spotlight on our shared values and leave the drama behind.

  • We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment! Healthy debates are natural but biting tones of voice only make things worse for everyone. Kindness wins every time.

Don't spam. Don't harass.

  • You know if you are hurting the community.
    We expect you to be a respectful participant in our community. You may not attack someone or post something inappropriate, or be rude and aggressive towards other members of the community! This includes anything that disrupts this space for everyone - misinformation will not fly here either so stay on topic if possible.

Don't solicit business.

  • It is strictly forbidden to solicit business, either publicly in the group or through private messages. The community admins and moderators reserve the right to delete any posts that solicit business and will review to remove the partner group who solicit business publicly or in DMs.

Be relevant.

  • Content not pertaining directly towards the goals of the forum will get deleted as soon as they appear.

Once again, we are so glad you choose our platform. We look forward to following your journey to building a better future for youth.